Nayla's Story


Naila is a beautiful African American princess. Naila was born during the time that the slave trade was ending. A time when a major change was spoken about for all of history was made, some of the African slaves at this point of our history had already settled down and started a family.


Nayla, a brown-skinned girl with wide brown eyes had only met more little girls with other skin tones than her own. Other little girls with her shade of skin were only talked about not seen. Which was a darker shade than what she was used to seeing. She would question the texture of her hair and the color of her skin constantly.


"Why is my hair in curls" she would ask her mom. Her mother would smile and tell her that she was fearfully and wonderfully made. Naila continued to questioned her mother and asked why her skin tone was darker than the others.  Naila’s  mother decided to teach her daughter some powerful affirmations, for her daughter to remember anytime she was doubting her physical appearance.

“I am fearfully and wonderful made.”

“I am proud to have this beautiful shade and tone of skin.”

“I love my kinky hair.”


  • Doll Description

    12 inch doll size
    This doll is wearing the beautiful colors of the island of Jamaica
    Limbs and head are active and can move, sit or lie down easily
    Rotate the joints of arms, legs and head up to 360°
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